Tuesday, December 29

Jin Hackman's 2009 wrapup

Hey hey our good rapper friend Jin Hackman just drop a track for 2009 wrap up. You guys can downloaded it from http://sharebee.com/9e604ac2 or visit www.jinhackman.com lookout for Badger line in the track. Keep up the good work man!

Friday, December 25

Prototype of Slice Footwear

the prototype
slice – somma
slice – razor hi top
slice – khasmir
slice – razor
slice – array
slice footwear and mamad the designer

Wednesday, December 23

Badger Malaysia Mix Tape #1

Badger Malaysia Mix Tape #1

1.Monoloque – Jika Aku Seorang Robot
2.Muse - The Resistance
3.Estranged - In no time
4.Tonawarna - Kehidupan.belum.pasti
5.Gnarls Barkley - Reckoner (Radiohead cover)
6.Zainal Abidin - Bulan
7.Carpark North - The Beasts
8.The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows
9.Meet Uncle Hussain Feat Black – Drama King
10.Yuna – Blue Sands

This is playlist often played at Badger Store Malaysia , and we recommend these songs, hopefully you can enjoy it!

We will be at Rock The World 9 at 26 Dec 09

We will be at Rock The World 9 . 26 Dec 2009
Come get your discounts items here. Hurahhh!!

3 stages with more than 60 bands!
Also featuring a Street Market and music clinics brought to you by the best musicians in Malaysia!

Special music workshops by:
1. Drum workshop - John Thomas
2. Guitar workshop - Julian Mokhtar
3. Bass workshop - Ken
4. Guitar Workshop - Rithan (Deja Voodoo Spells)
5. Chiptune workshop - MN32


Sunday, December 13

Badger Drawing Series Continues


Technology over technique

Cursor Typography - B,D,G,R Alphabet By: Adi PrasetyoTitspography
Pencil Typography - B,D,G,R Alpahabet By: Arga Tyas BasudewaVoltra Typography
Slice TypographyFabric Typography
Table lamp and roll paint
badger denim logo + pirates
badger denim logo + chaplin bowler hat