Monday, March 21

Kingdom of Rebel #2

We was invited for this event quite some time, a collaboration that combines the best visual art and sound in Malaysia this year. A friend, representing Honf, bbm just to make sure we attended the event. But frankly we cant wait to see Space Gambus Experiment live. This space rock (i really mean space as kamal sabran work side by side with planetarium negara just to collect sounds from outer space) band is combining pieces of sound from the outer space and combining it with rock + traditional music. Haha thats a hell of a blend.
We arrive when sosound perform. Slipknot wannabe with their freak costume and Japanese dresses. They are around 10 people i think modulate some sounds and some were down banging drums, cymbals, and some sort of metal where the output was kinda noisy. It was hard to process the music. But when you sat down, concentrate and enjoy the visuals, it gave us some sort of brain ecstasy. You just have to listen deep and concentrate.Its easy to enjoy this kinda performance if you are on high medicated substance (Haha joking). It was dark, gloomy and scary. Thats my conclusion. Ok time for my adored band. Space Gambus Experiment.
I was very shocked that there's too many faces on the floor. there's 4 guitars, 2 bass, one drum + simple set, 3 traditional instrument and few gadget guys. Kamal sabran started with his modulated sound from the space. all the other instrumentalist start with this notes, sound and try to give so some sort of distorted or modulated sound.

The light was bright and out of now where came two mime artist incorporate their performance with the visual and sounds. I cant call it music as its hardly to determine the melody. But I was a bit sad, as what i heard before. The traditional strings should me the main line or melody but it was drowned by the other instrument. I think its a heartache for the sound engineer who try to cater all the sounds around the Balai Seni Lukis Negara.

Then HONF artist came up with their jumpsuit and gas mask. They gotta be hot lol. Maybe they try reminisce the crowd of the latest nuclear problem in Japan. They manipulate sounds digitally with a help of a homemade theremin. I can hear a melody as their base but again it was drowned by the noise from the thereminist.
As a closure, they invited all the artist from SOsound, SpaceGambusExperimen & HONF to perform. It was wicked with the visual and all. All in all it was very good experience. I wish Akta Angkasa Was invited as it will be superb surroundings for them.

Saturday, March 19

Badger Flashback: KLUE

01 Jul 15:51 KLue Urbanscapes 2010: Recap ..We moved our Marketplace to the grassy knolls at KLPac this year. By 3pm, the area was packed with shoppers who got to fill their shopping bags with clothes, artworks and other goodies. We couldn't help but to stop by Bass Punk & Badger's booth where they had DJs spinning and dropping some dope beats at the Marketplace...
07 Apr 13:00 Badger / Anti-Beauty / Voltra Saunters into Town Clothing brand from Bandung, Indonesia - Badger / Anti-Beauty / Voltra - is bringing their fresh, funky fashion lines to KL! To celebrate their presence in Malaysia, the grand opening is happening at 8pm tomorrow. Read on for added deets!
10 Apr 11:45 Badger Malaysia Launches! On Wednesday we attended Badger Malaysia’s boutique launch and press conference at Treehouse Bistro & CafĂ© in Damansara Utama. Badger / Anti-beauty / Voltra is a collective indie label that started in Bandung, Indonesia in 1999. The event was both a celebration of Badger’s Malaysian invasion as well as of the brand’s 10-year anniversary on the scene.
21 May 16:10 KLue Urbanscapes 09: The Official Urbanscapes 2009 T-Shirt Contest - WE HAVE A WINNER! The winning design for the Urbanscapes 2009 T-shirt contest has been chosen! We received heaps of great submissions but we've narrowed it down to one. So who won it?
24 Jun 17:10 KLue Urbanscapes 09: Our Favourite Vendors This year's Urbanscapes is certainly going to be exciting for all you avid shoppers out there with X Marketplace and TiC Zone to drop some cash at (the vendors only accept cash, so bring enough!). If you're looking for some unique clothing and accessories as well as groovy items by independent designs then look no further! Read on to find out who some of our fave vendors are.
02 Feb 12:16 Passion+Fashion=Invasion Expect the Klang Valley to heat up with a new addition to the fashion scene. For those who don’t already know, Badger/Anti-Beauty/Voltra is a clothing label collective from Bandung, Indonesia.
29 Apr 12:07 Fashion Animal Badger’s long-awaited boutique has finally hit town. Step into the store and it’s obvious why the Indonesian tri-label has made a lot of friends and fans since it started in 1999.

Wednesday, March 16

Audio CD: Iqbal M

pertama kali mendengar 'tembak tepat' di XFM sudah terasa kelainan.intro diserikan dgn instrument berbunyi 'tak tak' (sorry x tau nama) beserta violin mengiringi vokal ditambah dgn bait lirik yg mengandungi perkataan spt tarian cina, acu pistol, tarik picu membuatkan ianya sedikit sinonim dgn lirik yg pernah dihasilkan butterfingers.

pd asalnya penulis menyangkakan lagu ini produk butter.puas menggelidah fail meja butter ternyata master piece ini bukan disitu.hari ini menjadi saksi tembak tepat adalah karya hebat iqbal M yg penuh misteri dan kurang publisiti.

Menari dengar gendang tarian cina,
Papan tanda hilang petunjuknya,
Acu pistol dikepala,
Tarik picu,
Fokus tepat dan terus tembak,
Tembak Tepat.

Biar jatuh bidadari langit sujud kaki,
Takkan gentar jiwaku ini kentallah kau jangan peduli,
Mungkin belum sampai masanya,
Aku berdiri, teriak sakan, terima pujian,
Bila tarikhnya?
Aku tak pasti,
Yang pentng,
Tembak tepat.

Thursday, March 10

Badger Present: Akustika Bersama The Trees & The Wild Feat Joanna & Co

Our old friend from Frinjan, Habri drop by to send us some of Monophone2011 posters at the shop. Then he came up with the idea that we host a acoustic session with The Trees & The Wild. We gave it a taught and think it is best to revive the spirit of Mocca's secret show made at our shop last two years. So its gonna be the second session of band having a closed showcase here in Badger store. It was crazy to pull some show in 3 days but we manage to pull out some strings and call our friends for help. Lucky the guys from Studio Shop Space were able to support with the sound system. We move and call who would be suitable to be paired with TTATW. I taught of Joanna & Co. Had call Cardoq their manager and they were free that night, phewww what a relief! So we hope you will enjoy the show. Please RSVP to as its very limited space available for the show.

Wednesday, March 9

Review: FronsideTV

..Badger X Vans showcase. Check out Vans rider, chicks and catwalk model wearing Vans...

Further review follow after the jump >>>

Tuesday, March 8

Audio CD: Khottal

The re-stock of Khottal's album 'woo song' has arrived at Badger Store Malaysia in limited quantities.
Artist: khottal
Album: woo song
Price: RM10.00

1) woo song (radio edit)
2) man moon mouse
3) against tomorrow