Tuesday, March 1

Review: The 8TV Quickie

8TV - Home for 8TV Addicts Online!

A Quickie a day, keeps you pleasured all the way. So have a Quickie. Plot outline, to ensure you're kept thoroughly entertained, they bring you a different theme every night of the week.

Monday: Tech Talk Technology never seizes to amaze. So be updated with the coolest and funkiest gadgets on the show. It's almost impossible that you'd not want to get your hands on these gadgets once we're done showing them off. Tuesday: Girlie Guide We'll provide you with tips on make-up, fashion, hairstyles, and simply everything female. You can't miss out on this one, girls! But guys, don't turn us off just yet either. You may learn a thing or two on how to please your lady. Wednesday: Watch Out Get in touch with your artsy-fartsy side as we bring to you the Arts Scene of Malaysia. We go beyond just showing you the film, arts, and theatre performances... For we get up-close and personal to the people behind the talent. Thursday: Planet of the 8 What better way to find out more about your favorite TV channel, then to tune in to this segment. It covers anything related to 8TV; from promos to launches to events and everything in between. Friday: Manpower Do you never ask for directions and continuously insist that you know the way even when you're totally lost? Well, then, you're probably part of the male species. And Friday nights are all about the testosterones. So be a part of our discussions because gender-related topics are always... *ahem*...heated. Saturday: Go! Paintball. Guitar Lessons. Nasi Lemak. Zoo. Dodgeball. Dancing. Diving. Asam Laksa. Painting. Futsal. Water Ski... The Go! segment catapults you into any intangible, engimatic and downright electrifying activity you can think of. The perfect chicken soup for your adventurous soul. Sunday: Sounds Local Music is like oxygen for our ears. And fortunately for us, the Malaysian music scene is only getting better. Tag along with us as we check out the gigs of old and the bands of new. Get introduced and be astounded by the sweet tunes that are produced locally.

So tune in every night and enjoy the company of their gorgeous hosts who will shower you with the freebies goodies you know you deserve. They're talking movie passes, funky merchandise, CDs, perfumes, shoes, facial products, concert tickets, party invites and that's only the beginning. They're the best kind of friends with benefits you'll never have!

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