Thursday, March 22

Nike 6.0 Leave A Message - Full Movie!

Nike 6.0 presents this latest film project, the film Leave A Message, starring only the new generation of woman athletes who want to create and innovative visions of the new limits of the category.

The group of talented grils includes surfers Carissa Moore (Hawaii), Lakey Peterson (USA), Laura Enever (Australia), Coco Ho (Hawaii), Byrne-Wickey Monyca (Hawaii) and Malia Manuel (Hawaii).

In the breathtaking scenery as Australia, California, Hawaii and Mexico, the new generation reveals what's behind the world circuit in the air show and tubes.

"I live surrounded by surf all day, every day, and I follow many good guys. But these girls are doing things that is hard to believe, " anticipates Jason Kenworthy, film director and photographer team from Nike 6.0.


Thursday, March 15

Nike 6.0 | Nigel Sylvester Nonstop

Nigel Sylvester Nonstop from Nike Action on Vimeo.

Nike 6.0 sits down with the globe trotting BMX pro, Nigel Sylvester to talk about what motivates him. Check out what keeps the Queens native going non-stop.

Sunday, March 4

Holden x The Impossible Project SX-70 Camera Kit

Holden Outerwear has announced a partnership with analog instant photography savior, The Impossible Project. Available next fall, the Holden x Impossible camera kit includes a customized and refurbished vintage SX-70 Polaroid camera, a Holden x Tanner Goods leather camera case, and custom Holden x Impossible instant film, all presented in a custom wooden box. There will also be a coinciding, traveling photo exhibit, showcasing images shot on Impossible film, as well as a series of t-shirts based on these photos.