Tuesday, June 28

Noh 'Hujan' Represent!

Another represent video by Noh of HUJAN represent Badger Malaysia in the version of their Muda's Music Video. In this video, Noh wears Classic Jacket a part of Hujan's lonely soldier boy varsity jacket.

Saturday, June 25

Altimet Represent!

Hello guys, Andi A Merican just launch his new latest music video entitled "SOLO" featuring Altimet. Enjoy!

Monday, June 20

June 2011 Collection

PLAYBOY_W (610116018)
RM55 . putih
IDENTITY (410507140)
RM139 . hijau tua

TEEN RIOT (610105032)
RM55 . kehitaman
CLASS TYPO 2-R (610110008)
RM55 . merah

WOOD_B (610105029)
RM55 . hitam

WOOD_W (610116020)
RM55 . putih

AGAINSTS_B (610105035)
RM55 . hitam

Winter Grey (810101337)
RM109 . abu
Winter Black (810105339)
RM109 . hitam
LUCENT (810105339)
RM99 . hitam

Double Cabins 3 (210110063)
RM99 . merah/pink
Double Cabins 2 (210102062)
RM99 . old navy
Double Cabins 1 (210105061)
RM99 . hitam

Saturday, June 18

BADGER First Ever Mixtape

Cant get enough of ectromechanical sound producing devices include the telharmonium, Hammond organ, and the electric guitar? Lets enjoy electronic sound through devices such as the Theremin, sound synthesizer, and computer programming. With the recent Dubstep fever throughout the clubs around the world. Badger has collaborate with H3 of Mutant Mayhem KL.
H3 isone of the most promising DJ with background of crashing most of the biggest party in South East Asia. Recently "Tapau" US anticiapated Dubmaster Diplo, H3 smash all those haters of local Malaysian Electro Scene. With one hour of upbeat, massive bassline and some sexay vocals.

The Tracklist:


Helicopter Showdown - Dramatron (H3 Thanks You Edit)
Naxx - Airwaves
Chase & Status - Time Feat. Delilah (MOJO Remix)
Nero - Innocence
Skrillex - Need A Change feat 12th Planet
Doctor P - Tetris
Redlight - MDMA
Zinc - Nexx
Breakage - Fighting Fire
Benga - Smack Your Bitch Up
Mojo - Sticks & Stones
Egyptrixx - Godzilla
Stagga - The Dragon
Stagga ft. Skamma & Joe Blow - Genik Riddim
Joker ft Jessie Ware - The Vision (Breath In)
Emalkay - When I Look At You
Torus - Wraith
Datsik & Excision - Boom (Skism Remix)
Biometrix - Bassline Skanker
Nerva - Whoah
Plan B - Love Goes Down (Doctor P Remix)
Nero - Electron
H3 & VNRP - Mutant Kombat (Original Mix)
H3 - Bassface ft The Velociraptaw (Original Mix)
Figure ft Whiskey Pete - Cut Throat

Thursday, June 16


FUJI which formely known as FUJICOLOR is a local Punk/HC band from Northern Malaysia. Started back in 2005/2006 they have been playing malaysian underground scene for quite some time now. Now with new lineup and a bit reformation (for me) they will be recording new material and touring side by side with another punk band Comadre. The tour will cover few cities in Malaysia and the closing show for the tour will be at Singapore (TBC)

They also have preview of their latest material which show complexity and maturity of their music. A touch of post rock and heavy on the strings, they set to rock Malaysian underground scene. There's rumors flying high that they will be having a split EP with an international band. But enough with the gossips, now enjoy their sneak preview of the new and improve FUJI!

FUJI LIVE RECORDING from muhammad syahir on Vimeo.

Members :
sHamrock II

Hometown :
Kuala Lumpur

Record Label :
utarid:tapes/swarm of nails/emuzah/ diediemyhippe

Formerly known as Fujicolor

Disko :
Fujicolor S/t Demo Tape - Utarid:Tapes
Fujicolor S/t 2007 Demo Cd-r - Swarm Of Nails Records
V/a Compilation - Ape Must Not Kill Ape Records
V/a Malaysia/Australia Compilation CD - Face First!
V/a Emo Annihilation Compilation 6" Vinyl - React With Protest

Current Location:
Kuala Lumpur

Website :

Tuesday, June 14

Audio CD: Killeur Calculateur Valley Of The Dead

Killeur Calculateur
Valley Of The Dead

Killeur Calculateur seem dedicated to pissing everyone off. The four members of Smek and Rafique (vocals, guitars), Zamir (vocals, bass) and Alijo (drums) that make up this Malaysian post-punk/math core band have no doubt infuriated spelling bee fascists with their band name, while their cacophonic approach to music will certainly have horrified “sophisticated listeners” who insist that crotchets and quavers should be consumed on spiffy white plates, and with silver spoons. Surely this is bad maths?

It is surely not. For sheer eccentricity alone, Killeur Calculateur deserve multiple bonus marks. And as their relentless gigging has demonstrated, they are no mere contrarians. The band are fiercely dextrous in the arena of shifting time signatures, and utterly audacious in their deconstruction of traditional AB-AB song structures (theirs is more AB-WTF, or thereabouts). The initial novelty of watching Smek and Zamir exchange screeches during performances is often replaced by awe over the complex musical bustle being crammed into mere minutes.

Yet after three years and a couple of demos, the band’s latest EP Valley Of The Dead represents a different kind of challenge. Live, audiences at a Killeur Calculateur gig are so often mesmerised by the raw power on display that there is a tendency to ignore the presence of any actual song (heck, they could be squawking about their breakfast menu, for all anyone knows). But on record, stripped of the sight of perpetually gyrating men, the tunes are subject to tighter aural scrutiny. Is all that belly-belching really just a gimmicky shroud for amateurism?

Let’s start with the EP’s length: a ridiculously short nine minutes. Post-rock bands have entire songs longer than that, damn it. Yet by keeping things so brief, Killeur Calculateur manage to perk interest without overpromising. Opener ‘Mother Of Destruction’ throws some post-punk jabs without settling on a kille(u)r hook while ‘Tigers Gone Ape’ leaves just enough room at its backend for some gang shouted refrains of “You’re gonna get it!”. They’re lying, of course; we’ll never get it, but such ignorance only fuels the moshing flames.

Like the cover that pays homage to cruddy zombie B-movies, Valley Of The Dead spares little sympathy for anything remotely polished. A bulbous trumpet (courtesy of Aziz from experimental band Ciplak) seems to pare down the lunacy in ‘Slow Death’–until it too accelerates into dissonance, perhaps lured by those obnoxious guitar interjections that blared while it was trying to carve out some semblance of melody.

At one point, closer ‘Lakes And Snadders’ actually applies some measure of order onto the duelling guitars, with a steady rhythmic pattern that lasts a whole 90 seconds. But then it’s more squiggly noodling, followed by three final bars of cymbal crashing–and just like that, the assault is complete. Offering further critical dissection would e pointless, akin to figuring out Pi to the 35th decimal place. Oh, you mean that’s been done? Well then, let’s get to the next one already.


If you like this also check out Q and Not U, At The Drive-in

Taken from Junk's May 2009 issue

Get your copy of limited edition Killeur Calculateur 'Valley Of The Dead' (Quiet.Still.Dead) CD's via Badger Malaysia at only RM16

Sunday, June 12

Audio CD: Kias Fansuri (Dua Tahun Pertama)

dua tahun pertama CD
third arm records , cactus records , papakerma records & quiet.still.dead.records

This is Euro-style DIY hardcore band from Malaysia, at times reminiscent of the like of LA QUIETE & RAEIN, with the sort of lyrical vagueries & poeticism that befits the style.- Stephen Pierce - Give Me Back Zine issue 5


Malaysia isn't a place immidiately springs to mind when thinking about the international hotbeds of hardcore punk. In truth its not really a place that springs to mind when thinking about any genre of pop music. Kias Fansuri might be about to change all that, though. Explosive screamo loaded with fearsome guitars, Dua Tahun Pertama is an incendiary blast of scattergun punk that goes some way to prove that a band from a supposed rock backwater can be just as fresh and exciting as anyone from the States or Europe.From the acid-drenched blast of opener "Unhand The Crayonic Beast" to the sound barrier shattering rampage of closer "Forum Mati Pat Pat Siku Lipat". It's an extraordinary release indeed. With a number of self-released singles, demos, and contributions to compilation albums ( including the wonderfully titled Emo Apocalypse LP ), Kias Fansuri are emerging as one of Malaysia's most exciting rock'n'roll exports. Bold, vibrant, and utterly uncompromising, Dua Tahun Pertama - an anthology of compilation and tour CD-R tracks - is contemporary psych-core at its purest. An album of atmostpherics rather than songs, it's a frighteningly enjoyable blast of Far Eastern punk fire.
- Toby Rogers - Skyscraper Magazine issue 29


Until this moment, I never knew there was a screamo scene in Malaysia.After a bit of internet research, my ignorance has been completely exposed.Not only are there a fair amount of Malaysian screamo bands, a lot of it is quiet good.Take KIAS FANSURI, for example.Featuring ex-member of UTARID ( another band I was unfamiliar with until now), they play in a style that should make fans of SHIKARI , FUNERAL DINER or NEIL PERRY feel right at home. Most of the lyrics are in English, with obscure titles such as "Would You Like To Taste My Homemade Morgue?" and "Love Lost Butterscotch" , while one is in their native Malay.This CD collects their first two years of releases, including a demo tape, a comp track, a four-way split 10", a split 7" and, strangest of all, a split 3.5" floppy disk. Since you'd probably have a good deal of trouble tracking all of those down,just pick up this CD instead.- (XV) XYosefX - Maximum Rock & Roll issue 309

Get your copy of limited edition Kias Fansuri 'Dua Tahun Pertama' (third arm records , cactus records , papakerma records & quiet.still.dead.records) CD's via Badger Malaysia at only RM16

Enjoy video live performance by kias fansuri - maaf dipinta seribu bahasa.

Wednesday, June 8


Lukestar´s third album, "Taiga", was released February 25th 2011 and got 5/6 in Norways biggest newspaper, Aftenposten. The first single "Flying Canoes" was A-listed on NRK P3 on the day of its release in January 2011, and the band was immediately booked to both the Roskilde and the Öya-festival. "Taiga" is packed with melody, rhythm and a sound that is reserved for bands that have spent a lot of time on the road together. The album's sonic qualities are as always secured by star-producer Carl Vikman, and Truls Heggero proves once and for all that he is a singer with a personality and uniqueness that is rare not only in Norway, but on our entire fragile planet. The band, which in 2008 was on a galactic trip packed with stardust and cosmic angelsong, has in 2011 turned their nose homeward with a sound that resonate in more earthly surroundings. The melodies of the album "Taiga" has mysteriously appeared in the intersection between human and natures own consciousness, and then the songs have found their way into the light, guided safely by Truls Heggeros distinctive and angelic vocals.

Available now in cassette via Badger Malaysia for only RM10.00

Taiga's tracks: 1.Great Bear 2.Miracles On An Angry Line 3.Flying Canoes 4.Taiga 5.Posers Of Doubt 6.Mistakers 7.Saint Toby 8.Movement With Action 9.I Am A Planet 10.Palace Road

Lukestar's second album, "Lake Toba" (2008), won the Norwegian Grammy for best Rock Record, was released in an impressive collection of territories including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Germany, France, Malaysia, Japan and the U.S. Lukestar have played more than 200 concerts in 10 countries, including CMJ in New York and festivals like Öya and Hove. Norwegian national radio NRK P3 listed all the three singles from the album, which gave Lukestar almost one year continuous radio play. "Lake Toba" was also well received in major international sites and publications, including Pitchfork, Popmatters, NME and Rock Sound.

Available in cassette via Badger Malaysia for only RM10.00

Lake Toba's tracks Side A : White Shade, Shape of light, The shade youy hide, Lake toba, The clouds tell. Side B: Cold numbers, In a hologram, intermission to io, House of orion, Clockworks of tomorrow, Peregrin