Saturday, August 27

Kami ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri dan Maaf Zahir Batin. Terima Kasih kerana menyokong Badger Malaysia selama tiga tahun kami beroperasi. Kami akan bercuti dari 28/8/2011 hingga 2/9/2011. Selamat Jalan dan Memandulah dengan cermat. Ingatlah keluarga tersayang.

P/S: Jangan Lupa Kibar Jalur Gemilang!

Thursday, August 18

Iftar at Rumah Solehah

We have been invited to join Effekts on their yearly event, which is Iftar at Rumah Solehah in Cheras Kuala Lumpur. This programme is mainly to entertain and blend in with this special orphanage. RUMAH SOLEHAH is a halfway house for women, children and orphans made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS.

It was established by the Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia (PPIM) with the support of the Ministry of Health, to provide healthcare and medical treatment, as well as moral and spiritual support for the residents.

Managed by Mak Wan Hava and her assistant, Ayu (and supported by the 'mak-mak'), RUMAH SOLEHAH is currently housing 11 boys, 4 girls and 5 mothers.

We had fun entertaining the house with activities such as screening, ice breaking activities and get to know these special kids more better.

we had lot of sun that night and hopefully we can do this more often as Kak Piah, the manager of the house said; "The more happy they are, a better life they will face"

Saturday, August 13

Lomography | Actionsampler Flash

The Actionsampler Flash is yet another very unique camera from Lomo that is super fun to use and produces fantastic images even in the darkest atmospheres. Similar to the popular Cybersampler, the Actionsampler produces its unique images by setting off 4 separate pictures. Expand review high-quality lenses in a clockwise motion, making 4 split images on one picture (quadrant style). Available at Badger Malaysia at RM290. As usual – experimentation and physical involvement are highly recommended. Flash at night to reveal critical action at parties, concerts, and nocturnal events. Flash in the day to fill in those highlights. Uses standard 35mm film and standard processing. Check out the Actionsampler Flash microsite here

Sunday, August 7

Converse | Jack Purcell

Converse | Jack Purcell NavyWhite Canvas - Well played. Jack Purcell was a champion, master and advocate for gaining advantage. By the time he helped design his signature court shoe in 1935, he'd won five consecutive Canadian championships and been declared the World Badminton Champion. But under Jack's buttoned-up guise was a sly deviance that outsmarted in order to outplay, a legacy that lives on in this classic silhouette with its iconic smile on the toe. Look for these now through Badger Malaysia - RM450 Made in USA Size: 11 1/2

Wednesday, August 3

Rangefinder | FED-2

Russian Vintage Rangefinder FED-2 is rare soviet vintage rangefinder camera, soviet copy of Leica 2 camera. These cameras were produced by factory "FED" (Ukraine) Camera in normal full work conditions, shatter work, lens clear, rangefinder work, no cracks, you buy what you view on the photo, sell as is. This camera come in 2 edition, the original black color #1129524 (RM290) and Blue Jeans #6612651 (RM350). Both plus original leather case. Look for these now through Badger Store Malaysia today.