Sunday, April 29

Wednesday, April 25

Studio Space Shop: Next Level

Studio.Shop.Space! 2.0 the new and improved! now booking goes by monthly basis, they're no longer provided hourly rate! hit them up; for more detail.

Thursday, April 19

Pekan Frinjan: antara pop dan seni

Seputar acara Pekan Frinjan yang diadakan di Kompleks Belia dan Kebudayaan Negeri Selangor, Shah Alam.

Kami menebual peserta-peserta yang terlibat di dalam acara seni ini mengetahui pendapat-pendapat mereka tentang Pekan Frinjan dan kegiatan seni terkini di ibukota.

Video oleh Lutfi Hakim

Badger 2012 Bags - L.R.N.G1

Tuesday, April 17

Type B

part time illustrator 5:04 —an artwork for clothing brand BADGER INVADERS

 The Super-Wide-Angle Sardine Can Camera

The Super-Wide-Angle Sardine Can Camera

Discover an Ocean of Analogue Possibilities

Say hello to the La Sardina 35mm camera; an entirely fresh analogue wide-angle camera from Lomography that channels the design of the humble sardine can. Designed by Lomographers for Lomographers and super-easy to use, it's all about maximum creativity and capturing great shots quickly. Available now at Badger Malaysia. La Sardina comes complete with:
  • An Awesome 22mm Wide-Angle Plastic Lens
  • MX Switch and Rewind Knob – Multiple exposures have never been so easy!
  • Totally Unique, Fresh and Fantastic Designs
  • 2 Simple-to-use Focusing Settings
  • Bulb Setting for Long Exposures

Tuesday, April 3

Official Lomography reseller

We are the official Lomography reseller. Swing by to get camera, film, accessories or books. We also have vintage cameras & polaroids too.

Some of the range of Lomographic Society Official products that we have ordered. You can order anything. We offer the ordering services in case you do not have credit cards, paypal or just want a cheaper alternative. Just let us know what you need. PM or email us for faster response :)

With the collaboration with ROLFCAM, we are now an official reseller of the Lomography products :)

Badger 2012 Shirt Collection

Monday, April 2


Zizan Raja Lawak spotted with Badger Malaysia's knitwear

Nike Scout Board Shorts Tropical Twist

The Nike Scout Board Shorts Black/Tropical Twist: Durable for riding rough waves

The Nike Scout Men's Board Shorts are longer and streamlined, with quick-dry fabric and a fit that stays put. Available at Badger Malaysia for only RM129.

Lace-lock system to help keep drawstring tied
Durable, triple-needle stitching to help prevent board blowouts
Soft, recycled supersuede that hangs great both wet and dry
Zip pocket at right side for secure storage

Nike Better World
These men's shorts are made entirely of recycled polyester--equivalent to an average of 20 plastic bottles.

Additional Details
Fabric: 100% recycled polyester
Machine wash