Monday, July 30

Diana Mini Leopard Limited Edition

Diana Mini Leopard - Fall in love with Diana Mini Leopard, Lomography’s petite plastic princess. Packing fantastic features in such a tiny package, this versatile camera is perfect to take when you’re on the prowl.
Availability: In stock at Badger Malaysia and Rolfcam.
Price: RM419 (Limited Edition) Sales can via postage
Features :
• Uses all kinds of 35mm film (Color Negative, Color Slide, Black & White, Redscale)
• Shoots two formats: Half-Frame (up to 72 shots per roll) or Square
• Multiple exposure and long exposure capabilities
• Tripod thread and cable release thread
• Petite and lightweight
• Includes Diana F+ Flash with colored gel filters for Colorsplashing!
Camera Type: Zone Focus
Film Type: 35mm

Friday, July 27

Hello Deer Night Market

Badger Malaysia X ROFLCAM will be at Hello dear night market just beside wondermilk uptown. We are selling vintage camera, polaroid, films, accessories and lomography product. Every purchase will get a special free gift. Dont miss it! Limited to first come first serve

NIKE WMNS Leshot SE Boldberry

Vintage court style. A low-profile inspired by old-school tennis designs, the Nike 6.0 Leshot SE Women's Shoe brings an old-school look and comfortable fit to the modern day.

NIKE WMNS Leshot SE Shoe
Price: RM219
Model Year: 2011
Sizes: US 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 9.0,
Colors: White/Bold Berry

Monday, July 23

MAMBU Longboard

If you are a regular visitor of SkateMalaysia, you would have notice about the development of the longboarding and downhill skating community recently. Guess what? Malaysian have it's own longboard brand now. MUMBU Longboard
Mission: To promote longboarding and to become the leading provider in Malaysia.
Overview: Core passion of longboading.
They are known as MAMBU. They have a few lines of longboard shape to choose from. So select the type of skating that you desire. Their 1st order is almost sold out; now onto their 2nd shipment order already. So what are you waiting for, get them while stock last!! The price is reasonable enough.

Just grab a longboard and go with the flow Orders are made by dropping an email; please ensure to include your name, order and contact number.

Saturday, July 21

Julian Wilson leaves Quiksilver for Nike 6.0

Woah. So, like, this is news. Today, like right just now, Julian Wilson has become the first high profile Australian surfer to sign a head-to-toe deal with a non-endemic surf brand. (Actually, that's not 100 per cent accurate - Nike only have him to the neck. Oakley own his eyes and Red Bull have his head as Julian has a hat deal with the energy drink kings. The complicated life of an extreme-sports athlete, eh?). Man, it's going to be an interesting year for surfing. Nike's first Julian clip: