Wednesday, November 30

T-shirt: Classcube

Extruded rectangle speaker. A classic button-less and collarless cotton shirt. With round neck and a surreal illustration graphics screen printed at front chest. Cotton. Durable rib neckband. Machine wash. Get this Badger 'Class of 99 Series' graphic tee at Badger Malaysia for only RM55 today!


Artis jemputan yang akan membuat persembahan adalah
AIZAT AMDAN Secara Acoustics LIVE

About Aizat Amdan: Born on 21st January 1989 in Kuala Lumpur, Aizat Amdan or better known as AIZAT, is the fifth child out of a family of six. In November 2007, his passion in singing had encouraged him to attend an audition for a reality programme, AKADEMI FANTASIA 5, which was a national talent search competition held by the TV channel ASTRO RIA which saw him being shortlisted and started his singing debut. He seriously took the reins of his career in 2007, when he decided to produce his singles Sahabat and Hanya Kau Yang Mampu in the same year which became hits and were in the top 10 of local charts. Since then, there was no turning back for Aizat and he produced and published his first full album in June the following year. For his efforts in the album, he received several accolades from several esteemed music industry’s organizations.

About TONAWARNA - A Pop, Rock, & Blues band. Founded in early 2008 in Sitiawan / Manjung, Perak & up to now based in Colourtone Records, Shah Alam. Yang Satu 'is the second single from Tonawarna after' Kehidupan Belum Pasti' extracts from the album' Kontra K Cinta' which will be issued soon, 2012.

Tarikh Jualan Tiket: 22 november 2011 (selasa) jam 3:00 petang & 29 november 2011 (selasa) jam 3:00 petang. Tempat jualan: Foyer Fakulti Pengurusan Perniagaan. Sebarang pertanyaan dan info boleh PM: Azim(@FB Azim Jahat) 013-4178646 atau Syafiq(@FB Syafiq Tarmizi) 012-4671724

Tempat duduk: VIP seat (Hot Edition) terhad kepada 200 orang (free seat) Harga tiket per unit: Hot Edition RM70.00 / Normal RM40.00. Promosi istimewa untuk pembeli tiket 400 unit terawal adalah RM30.00 per unit. Pemegang tiket 'Hot Edition' akan mendapat sehelai t shirt exclusive. "AIZAT AMDAN LIVE IN SERI ISKANDAR" serta hadiah misteri. Jualan tiket hanya berpandukan tarikh, tempat dan harga yang telah ditetapkan. Selain daripada yang dinyatakan diatas adalah tidak sah.

Tuesday, November 29

Nike Zoom Leshot LR Black White

Nike Zoom Leshot LR Black White
Price: RM249
Model Year: 2011
Sizes: US 7.0, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 12
Colors: Black/White
A sleek design with a flexible feel, the Nike Zoom Leshot LR Premium Men's Shoe is ready to stand up to some wear and tear. The soft leather upper provides a comfortable fit, while the rubber outsole offers flexibility for a better grip on skateboards and paved surfaces. Available at Badger Malaysia for RM249
- Reworked version of the classic Kill-shot running shoe
- Super slim low top shoe
- Suede / Canvas upper
- Low profile vulcanized sole
- Lightweight midsole construction
- Nike Zoom unit in heel for low-profile cushioning and lightweight performance
- Super grippy sole works great with pedals


Monday, November 28

Rangefinder: FED-5B Hohloma

The FED 5B is a 35mm range-finder camera produced by the FED factory in the Ukrainian city of Kharkov from 1977 until 1990. It came equipped with the Industar-61 L/D 55mm f/2.8 standard lens incorporating the rare-earth element lanthanum and a focal-plane shutter with speeds from 1s to 1/500s + B, flash sync up to 1/30s and a self-timer.

The FED 5B is an updated FED 4, with cleaner lines to the top, a pop-up rewind knob in place of the thumb-wheel, a hot shoe, restyled film reminder/frame counter and meter rings, and the meter scale repositioned and converted from a match-needle to an EV-scaled device where the user manually transfers the meter reading to the calculator.

Manufactured from the late '70s until the end of the Millennium, this crooner is definitely more than just a pretty boy. Re-covered in hohloma print, this is an unique beauty. Available at Badger Malaysia for only RM500

Sunday, November 27

Short Film HD: Sidji (Satu)

Malaysia - Indonesia adalah satu.

T-Shirt: BDG

Bandung have global fixed-gear culture. It joins the dots between the bike’s design, its racing heritage and the customization that marks its appearance on city & streets. It meets the track stars, tricksters, messengers, hill bombers and polo players the world over, linking them to the artists, designers and frame-builders whom the bike has inspired.
It tells the story of why these bikes are special through interview, image and archive – exploring the form, function, style and culture at the heart of the obsession. Shop these 'ride the culture' t-shirt today at Badger Malaysia for RM55

Saturday, November 26

Cover: Zizan Raja Lawak

Zarul & The Protes

Zarul & The protest led by experienced musicians who want something different. They came up with the background and philosophy of music rarely featured by any rock group, whether inside or outside the country. Featured an explosion of music is basically the same as most other rock bands. The difference, it is furnished with an electronic flavour trends leading to the Alternative Jungle Rock.

According to its primary driver, Zarul, this group chose a different concept of not only looking for something different. At the same time, they want the characters in the music and the songs are produced. Uniqueness Zarul & The protest not only to go around the order and the production of his music alone. It also extended through the lyrics that are authored. Influences: U2, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Jagostu and Green Day

T-Shirt: Jump

BMX/Jump. Here's a fixed gear-themed 'ride the culture' t-shirt in solid grey and black entitled 'JUMP' only RM55 at Badger Malaysia.

Friday, November 25

Mesej Komuniti: Hormat-menghormati

Mesej Komuniti: Mereka tak sedar ianya suatu kesilapan. Mujurlah anda tahu. Semaikan sifat hormat-menhormati.

Movie Poster: Fight Club (1999)

Fight Club (1999) An office employee and a soap salesman build a global organization to help vent male aggression. Shop this poster today at Badger Malaysia for RM180

Thursday, November 24

Movie Poster: Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Reservoir Dogs (1992) After a simple jewelery heist goes terribly wrong, the surviving criminals begin to suspect that one of them is a police informant. Shop this poster now at Badger Malaysia for RM180

T-shirt: Ride Helmet

Whether you are an experienced skater or out for a joy ride, safety is a concern that should not be taken lightly. Cotton. Durable rib neckband. Machine wash. Shop these 'ride the culture' t-shirt at Badger Malaysia today for only RM55

Wednesday, November 23

LIGHTBULB - Short Film

This short film was made for KL 48Hour Film Project with zero budget. But we took 50 Hours to finish it.. Disqualified!

Character: Adi or Adibah Aziz, Footballer
Prop: A mirror
Line of Dialogue: "I really want to help."

T-shirt: MACH

BADGER MACH TEES - A classic button-less and collarless cotton shirt. With round neck and a surreal illustration graphics screen printed at front chest. Cotton. Durable rib neckband. Machine wash. Available at Badger Malaysia for RM55

Tuesday, November 22


A warm-weather classic created with the best in comfort and traction, the Nike 6.0 Braata LR Men's Shoe taps into the skate and surf culture with a minimalist aesthetic and a no-hassle fit. Reconstructed with a durable, low-profile vamp, this shoe represents a first-class version of a timeless design. Available at Badger Malaysia for RM229
-Suede, leather, nubuck and canvas upper for supreme comfort
-Environmentally-preferred materials and construction for less environmental impact
-Nike Free-inspired pods for more natural movement and extraordinary feel

-The Nike 6.0 Braata LR Shoe features plush suede on the upper for comfort and durability. Inspired by professional surfers, the sockliner and insole areas are seam-free for an extraordinary feel against bare feet.

-Tie it up or slip it on. The elastic gusseted tongue lets you take out the laces and wear the shoe like a slip-on. Add to this versatility a lightweight Phylon midsole, and what's left is a shred-ready blend of comfort and impact-resistant cushioning.

-The Nike 6.0 Braata LR Shoe spends much less time in the kiln than its vulcanized competitors, requiring less energy and water-based cements, which means fewer hazardous solvents in the world. The Flex Wrap construction uses less material and is about 15-percent lighter than its predecessor. A low-cut, one-piece vamp adds skate-worthy durability in a shoe that's known for its sleek style.

Model Year: 2011
Sizes: US 7.0, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 12
Colors: Varcity Red or Black / White-GM Med Brown

Monday, November 21

Movie Poster: Amélie (2001)

Amélie (2001) an innocent and naive girl in Paris, with her own sense of justice, decides to help those around her and along the way, discovers love. Shop this poster now at Badger Malaysia for RM 180

Off Book | Fashion of Artists | PBS Arts

Although not every artist is as attentive to fashion as Kanye West, style does make its way into their lives. Sometimes driven by practical purpose, other times by personal expression or as part of performance, fashion plays a role in the aesthetic landscape of many artists. In this episode, we talk with a diverse array of creators about the relationship of style and fashion to their lives and work. Featured artists include the songwriter Yuna from Fader Label, street artist WK Interact, skateboard deck and apparel designers 5boro, painter and toy designer Tara McPherson, and artist Casey Spooner of Fischerspooner.


WK Interact,
Mark Nardelli and Max Vogel,
Tara McPherson,
Casey Spooner,
Produced by Kornhaber Brown:

Saturday, November 19

T-Shirt: Deadstock

DEADSTOCK, vintage music theme about a way of being in the world. Get your 'Badger Class of 99 Series' t-shirt at Badger Malaysia for RM55


Nike 6.0 is one of the top skate shoe brands around, and they aren't letting up with the Rzol Shoes! A suede upper in cool grey with inner-sleeve construction offers great new style and comfort, to be expected from Nike! The gum rubber out-sole is made using 8-piece pod construction and paired with a compression molded Pylon mid-sole for maximum comfort and durability, while keeping a cool, natural look. Just so everybody knows you're sporting the best, the Swoosh is embroidered on the sides and logo tags adorn each tongue, so you're good to go! Do yourself a favor and pick up a pair of Rzol Shoes from Nike 6.0 today!

The Rzol is a clean and casual shoe from Nike 6.0, featuring a classic chukka boot inspired upper made of a soft navy suede. Slimmer than usual for Nike, the Rzol blends a modern construction with clean lines that fuse into a light brown textured gum sole. Available at Badger Malaysia for RM279

Model Year: 2011
Sizes: US 7.0, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 12
Colors: Wolf Grey-Light Bone / Dark Obsidian-SL

Friday, November 18

T-shirt: Make Some Noise

Make Some Noise is a campaign by Amnesty International using music by John Lennon to promote human rights. Well-known artists produce covers of solo-era John Lennon songs exclusively for Amnesty International. Get this 'Badger: Class of 99 Series' t-shirt today at Badger Malaysia for RM55

Nike 6.0 - WMNS Leshot SE Shoe

The Nike 6.0 Leshot SE Shoe: Vintage court style. A low-profile inspired by old-school tennis designs, the Nike 6.0 Leshot SE Women's Shoe brings an old-school look and comfortable fit to the modern day. Available at Badger Malaysia for RM219
Benefits: Suede and nylon mesh upper for durability and comfort. Drop-in Eco-cell mid-sole/foot-bed combination for enhanced fit. Rubber out sole with herringbone pattern for durability and traction.Model Year: 2011
Sizes: US 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 9.0,
Colors: White/Bold Berry, White/Blue Grey

Thursday, November 17

RSVP: THURSDAY NIGHT CHAMMM Session @Laundry Bar 17Nov

Tension is rising, tonight, we take you into the dark & twisted realm of classic distinctive good music. It's a strange & unconventional science pairing the sharp spicy bite of tom yam with the doughy sweetness of a crepe. So it is your moral responsibility to satisfy the metaphysical requirement of awesome music being jammed into your eardrums. Clearly your spirit is starving away into dilution.
Brought to you by:
Moments of Truth x The MoveMint x BeatNation x Malaysian Dubstep Alliance

8pm till late, 17th November, 2011 @ Laundry Bar, The Curve

Performances by:
M.U.Z.E. (Man Under Zero Effort)
Rock n' Roll John
Larry Clark
Coex (2010 Malaysian Beatbox Champ Runner Up)
Doomic (Champion of Underground Beatbox Battle 2011)
Hackeem Elektrischer
+ Others to be announced!

JUICE November 2011

It’s the little everyday things that count. JUICE forages on the scrap heap of news, trends and opinions to deliver surprisingly fragrant updates twice daily, except weekends. ‘Cause that’s when we party. Get your free copy of JUICE at Badger Malaysia today!

T-Shirt: Death Ride

Everything causes accidents, injuries, property damage and in extreme cases, death. Shop this 'Badger Ride The Culture' fixie series graphic tee today at Badger Malaysia for only RM55.

Wednesday, November 16

Poster: The Very Best of The Stone Roses

The Very Best of The Stone Roses is a compilation album released by Silvertone Records in 2002. It features most of their singles plus album tracks including "Breaking into Heaven" and "This is the One", all of which were remastered for this album. It charted at #19 in the UK and spent nine weeks in the Top 75. Shop this poster today at Badger Malaysia for RM220

A short audio clip of the Stone Roses press conference from 18th October 2011, in which the band announced a full reunion and new shows.


NIKE WMNS BRAATA LR PREMIUM - It doesn't matter if you spend your free time skating, dancing, or dancing on skateboards; the Nike 6.0 Women's Braata LR Premium Shoe keeps you gripping and grooving. This classic-skate-styled low-top supplies you with ample stickiness thanks to its vulcanized construction. The foam midsole and footbed cushion your steps and tricks, and the suede leather upper hugs your foot after you lasso the bunny with its standard laces. Sticky stylie. Available at BADGER Malaysia for RM199

Model Year: 2011
Sizes: US 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 9.0,
Colors: Dark Grey/White/Dark Grey, Bold Berry/White/Vivid Grape/Bold Berry

Sunday, November 13

Video: Carleed Khaza ft. Natasha Hudson - Jika Ku Boleh Ubah Dunia

Jika Ku Boleh Ubah Dunia:
2011 single from Carleed Khaza featuring Natasha Hudson
Produced by ItsSonaOne and Carleed Khaza
Written by Carleed Khaza and Natasha Hudson
Property of Dream Cloud Productions and Kartel Records

Director: Atomsk
2nd Unit Director: Mondo Sanjes
D.O.P: Kerol Keep It Rollin'
Producers: Dazman Samjis + Adam Sinclair

Superhero Multitasker: Suharman Mat Abas
Penyelamat Kami The Crew Dari Di Banjiri Air Longkang Pasang:
Freddy Makatange and Iskandar Azaman
Graf by Azrul Newba Helmi and Ardy Damis of OAC.
Stencil Original Artwork: Freddy Makatange
Editors: Kerol Keep It Rollin' and Khaidzir Al Junid

Also DJ FACE Sunanda + DYZE (Phlowtron 1st Gen)

Friday, November 11

Rock The World: ADRENALIN

The annual event Rock The World has announced the dates and locations for its 2011 edition as their Facebook reports below:

Hello Party People! Rock The World adrenaline is now Officially will be held on the 10th of December 2011 at Stadium Merdeka. Stay tuned for our announcement band. Rockafella Keep Rocking!

18 names were announced as those who will make presentations:

Rock The World: adrenaline
Attention boys and girls, this is our official announcement for the confirmed bands to perform at Rock The World adrenaline:


More band announcement will be out soon. Do stay tuned with us. # RTWORLD

whatever it is, always follow this space or Twitter Rock The World for more announcement and a full list of bands that will make a presentation.

Follow us on twitter @ R0CKTHEW0RLD and our official hashtag is # RTWORLD to get more updates on upcoming band announcement and how you can participate in this years Rock The World adrenaline!

Make sure you guys get the tickets at Rock Corner, Music Valley and Extreme outlets. Ticket priced at RM30. Also, it will be available online at Ticket launch update will be up really soon. Stay Tuned!

Some info Rock The World that have been aged 10 years:

10 years running and still going strong, Rock The World is a major household name to music fans of Malaysia's rock scene.

Born in 2000, Rock The World has grown to be Malaysian's Biggest and longest running rock music festival. Every year Rock The World showcases the best bands and highlights new and upcoming bands coming through the IV.

RTW drivers

Tuesday, November 8

T-shirt (2) November 2011

SEW - RM55