Thursday, December 22

Book: Buku Cerita Malaysia Tidak Ke Piala Dunia

Ada apa dengan Cerita Malaysia Tidak ke Piala Dunia?

Cerita Malaysia Tidak Ke Piala Dunia (CMTKPD) merupakan buku yang mengisahkan kisah perjalanan Skuad Bola Sepak Malaysia yang berhempas-pulas cuba melayakkan diri ke Piala Dunia walaupun acap kali gagal. Penulis akan mengulas setiap kempen kelayakan Piala Dunia yang disertai oleh Skuad Bola Sepak Malaysia, bermula dengan kempen kelayakan Piala Dunia 1970.

Setiap pusingan kelayakan dikupas dengan baik. Bermula dengan persediaan dan latihan pasukan kebangsaan, ulasan setiap babak penting dalam perlawanan dan kesan selepas kegagalan setiap kali kempen kelayakan tamat.

Penulis mengulas bagaimana persediaan skuad bola sepak bermula. Bermula bagaimana pemain dikumpulkan dan di mana padang latihan mereka dan masalah yang terjadi di kem latihan.

Kemudian penulis mengulas tentang setiap peralawanan dalam kempen kelayakan tersebut. Cara pengulasan penulis sedikit sebanyak menerbitkan bayang di dalam kepala aku, cuba menggambarkan peristiwa tersebut di dalam otak.

Aku agak kagum dengan penulis. Aku tertanya-tanya dari mana sumber yang si penulis dapat untuk menulis buku ini? Setiap ayat yang ditulis bagaikan pengalaman benar penulis yang menonton semua perlawanan dengan mata kepalanya sendiri. Ke memang betul dia tengok semuanya?

CMTKPD diterbitkan oleh penerbit indie terkemuka Malaysia, Dubook Press dan boleh diorder di Badger Malaysia pada nilai RM20.

Tuesday, December 20


NIKE 6.0 Zoom Oncore 2
Model Year: 2011
Price: RM289
Sizes: US 7.0, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 12
Colors: Black/Dark Grey/White
Weight: 14 oz
For style and performance that can't be beat. Leather and synthetic leather upper with overlay construction for increased durability. Phylon mid-sole with visible Zoom Air unit in the heel for cushioning and protection. Rubber out-sole with tread pattern for increased grip and durability.

Saturday, December 17

Video: Mirwana & Altimet - Itu Ini Begitu Begini

SchizoMotion Proudly Presents
Music Video
"Mirwana & Altimet - Itu Ini Begitu Begini"

Lagu : Akmal Mirwana
Lirik : Akmal Mirwana & Altimet
Production : Hafiz Mohtar (SchizoMotion)

Sunday, December 11

Saturday, December 10

Nike 6.0 Wmns Braata Lite Pink

The Nike 6.0 Braata Lite: Premium board feel

Inspired by the best features of skate and surf culture, the Nike 6.0 Braata Lite Women's Shoe blends a streamlined aesthetic with a classic slip-on-shoe heritage. Made with top-quality materials in a cushioned design, this shoe steps and shreds in lasting comfort. Available at Badger Malaysia for RM229.


Suede, leather and Nu-buck upper for durability and comfort

Phylon midsole for lightweight cushioning

Rubber outsole for traction and durability

Additional Details

Seam-free insole for an extraordinary feel against bare feet

Elastic gusseted tongue for slip-on fit

Herringbone outsole pattern for multidirectional traction

Model Year: 2011

Sizes: US 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 9.0,

Colors: Pink

Friday, December 9


Nike 6.0 Wmns Braata Lite Purple


Inspired by skate and surf cultures, the Nike® 6.0 Braata Lite brings together the best of both worlds. Enjoy it in the sand or on the pavement, you'll feel at home on both. Suede, leather and Nu-buck upper materials. Phylon midsole for lightweight cushioning. Rubber out-sole for traction and durability. Seam-free insole feels great against your bare feet. Elastic gusseted tongue for a snug fit. Herringbone pattern rubber out-sole for grip. Weight: 6 oz Product measurements were taken using size 8. Please note that measurements may vary by size. Shop now at Badger Malaysia

Price: RM229

Model Year: 2011

Sizes: US 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 9.0,

Colors: Purple

Tuesday, December 6

Sweater: Free Bird

Badger Sweater Free Bird 'Class of 99 series' Long sleeve green sweater with badger freebird design in the front and back. Sweater features pieced crochet designs of varying gauges. Get this stuff at Badger Malaysia for only RM99. Available Size: S, M and L

Typically worn with: A T-shirt underneath; you can wear it with a collared shirt, too, but it can look a little square.
Beware of: Thinking you can wear it without a collared shirt under a jacket. You can't.

Sunday, December 4

Live: Projek Emosi

Art Traveler, Doni or his real name Mohasni Mohammad began as early as 1995 when he established his first band speaks with school friends. Very deep interest in Hardcore Punk music interesting to the composition of the influence of music bands from countries like Fugazi and Jawbreaker. After the expiry of the school year when he began to seriously establish Grace Division aka Aftermath (circa 2000-2005) which was released two EP entitled "The War Against Virtual" and "The Hate That Hate Produce" which flowed Hardcore Punk music is softer, and more provocation and towards positive thinking in writing the lyrics. Phrases like "from a sincerity comes a struggle" - the song that emphasizes consolidation NAGATIMUR heart is the answer to a struggle and messages that appear.
The fight Kemaman Terengganu-born art begins with the band's latest, Love As arson at the end of 2007 with rilisan an album "And Sonny Fall For Australis" and also an EP "The Hangover". The Hangover was well received when taken by Jason Chong movie grove direction to become a music background and has also used the identity and merchandisenya in the short film Love Notes by Nescafe. The band had also been invited to a tour to Indonesia in which the band has played from New York up to Bali in late 2009.
Every paper which means it is important in a child's self-performance art. Spirit such as this, to get him to once again try to the more variations with the onset of Emotion Project. The first attempt at writing songs solo, with a more modest and commercial music is influenced by external Rock like Bruce Springsteen and Everlast. Supported by the old friends he started writing songs that are expected to bring more mature results with this technique cord with a little mixture of four blues and rock n roll. The idea began to record the results, and finally two of them, Infrastructure and Graduation.

Friday, December 2

RSVP: Effekts X Rumah Solehah Exhibition

Guys, we would like to invite to Effekts X Rumah Solehah exhibition. This exhibition will exhibit the pictures taken by the residents of Rumah Solehah and Effekts members from the outings and events that have been organized by both parties. There will be a photo exhibition, fund raising (artwork selling), talks about interactive awareness campaign on HIV and Children with HIV also analogue cameras and film processing techniques, video screening and acoustic session by Captain G, The Mual, Za-Zo Ly, Wani Ardy, Stage of Extinction, Lab The Rat, Azren Azimuddin and Khalifah.

Below are the details of the event:

Venue : Urban Village, 25, Jalan Abdullah, off Jalan Bangsar, KL
Date : 3 - 4 December 2011
Time : 11am untill 11pm

P/s: Kepada semua photographer di luar sana, jika terdapat kelapangan pada tarikh tersebut, anda semua dijemput hadir untuk menjayakan projek amal ini. Ini juga adalah peluang yang baik untuk mencari peluang yang baik untuk kerjaya anda kerana ianya akan dihadiri ramai photographer hebat dan berjaya.

Guest Host:


Thursday, December 1

Knitwear: Smiley

Badger Smiley. A fun and funky casual wear. Work a peppy look in this designer sweater. Soft stretch fabric with ribbed cuff full length sleeves. Raglan style over-locked panelling with Badger Smiley print design. 100% Cotton. Shop this sweater at Badger Malaysia for RM99 today.

NIKE 6.0 Marvk Mid 2

Get the traction and comfort you need in the Nike 6.0 Mavrk Mid 2 Canvas Men's Shoe, Mid profile, great grip, a versatile fave that's as flexible as it is durable.

Combination suede, leather and nubuck upper for a premium fit and lightweight feel. Pylon midsole for lightweight cushioning. Herringbone pattern at out-sole for traction on a variety of surfaces. Rubber taping at the outsole for durability and grip. Shop now at Badger Malaysia.

Price: RM249
Model Year: 2011
Sizes: US 7.0, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 12
Colors: Blue/Black