Sunday, December 4

Live: Projek Emosi

Art Traveler, Doni or his real name Mohasni Mohammad began as early as 1995 when he established his first band speaks with school friends. Very deep interest in Hardcore Punk music interesting to the composition of the influence of music bands from countries like Fugazi and Jawbreaker. After the expiry of the school year when he began to seriously establish Grace Division aka Aftermath (circa 2000-2005) which was released two EP entitled "The War Against Virtual" and "The Hate That Hate Produce" which flowed Hardcore Punk music is softer, and more provocation and towards positive thinking in writing the lyrics. Phrases like "from a sincerity comes a struggle" - the song that emphasizes consolidation NAGATIMUR heart is the answer to a struggle and messages that appear.
The fight Kemaman Terengganu-born art begins with the band's latest, Love As arson at the end of 2007 with rilisan an album "And Sonny Fall For Australis" and also an EP "The Hangover". The Hangover was well received when taken by Jason Chong movie grove direction to become a music background and has also used the identity and merchandisenya in the short film Love Notes by Nescafe. The band had also been invited to a tour to Indonesia in which the band has played from New York up to Bali in late 2009.
Every paper which means it is important in a child's self-performance art. Spirit such as this, to get him to once again try to the more variations with the onset of Emotion Project. The first attempt at writing songs solo, with a more modest and commercial music is influenced by external Rock like Bruce Springsteen and Everlast. Supported by the old friends he started writing songs that are expected to bring more mature results with this technique cord with a little mixture of four blues and rock n roll. The idea began to record the results, and finally two of them, Infrastructure and Graduation.

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