Thursday, June 16


FUJI which formely known as FUJICOLOR is a local Punk/HC band from Northern Malaysia. Started back in 2005/2006 they have been playing malaysian underground scene for quite some time now. Now with new lineup and a bit reformation (for me) they will be recording new material and touring side by side with another punk band Comadre. The tour will cover few cities in Malaysia and the closing show for the tour will be at Singapore (TBC)

They also have preview of their latest material which show complexity and maturity of their music. A touch of post rock and heavy on the strings, they set to rock Malaysian underground scene. There's rumors flying high that they will be having a split EP with an international band. But enough with the gossips, now enjoy their sneak preview of the new and improve FUJI!

FUJI LIVE RECORDING from muhammad syahir on Vimeo.

Members :
sHamrock II

Hometown :
Kuala Lumpur

Record Label :
utarid:tapes/swarm of nails/emuzah/ diediemyhippe

Formerly known as Fujicolor

Disko :
Fujicolor S/t Demo Tape - Utarid:Tapes
Fujicolor S/t 2007 Demo Cd-r - Swarm Of Nails Records
V/a Compilation - Ape Must Not Kill Ape Records
V/a Malaysia/Australia Compilation CD - Face First!
V/a Emo Annihilation Compilation 6" Vinyl - React With Protest

Current Location:
Kuala Lumpur

Website :​fujicolor


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