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Lukestar´s third album, "Taiga", was released February 25th 2011 and got 5/6 in Norways biggest newspaper, Aftenposten. The first single "Flying Canoes" was A-listed on NRK P3 on the day of its release in January 2011, and the band was immediately booked to both the Roskilde and the Öya-festival. "Taiga" is packed with melody, rhythm and a sound that is reserved for bands that have spent a lot of time on the road together. The album's sonic qualities are as always secured by star-producer Carl Vikman, and Truls Heggero proves once and for all that he is a singer with a personality and uniqueness that is rare not only in Norway, but on our entire fragile planet. The band, which in 2008 was on a galactic trip packed with stardust and cosmic angelsong, has in 2011 turned their nose homeward with a sound that resonate in more earthly surroundings. The melodies of the album "Taiga" has mysteriously appeared in the intersection between human and natures own consciousness, and then the songs have found their way into the light, guided safely by Truls Heggeros distinctive and angelic vocals.

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Taiga's tracks: 1.Great Bear 2.Miracles On An Angry Line 3.Flying Canoes 4.Taiga 5.Posers Of Doubt 6.Mistakers 7.Saint Toby 8.Movement With Action 9.I Am A Planet 10.Palace Road

Lukestar's second album, "Lake Toba" (2008), won the Norwegian Grammy for best Rock Record, was released in an impressive collection of territories including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Germany, France, Malaysia, Japan and the U.S. Lukestar have played more than 200 concerts in 10 countries, including CMJ in New York and festivals like Öya and Hove. Norwegian national radio NRK P3 listed all the three singles from the album, which gave Lukestar almost one year continuous radio play. "Lake Toba" was also well received in major international sites and publications, including Pitchfork, Popmatters, NME and Rock Sound.

Available in cassette via Badger Malaysia for only RM10.00

Lake Toba's tracks Side A : White Shade, Shape of light, The shade youy hide, Lake toba, The clouds tell. Side B: Cold numbers, In a hologram, intermission to io, House of orion, Clockworks of tomorrow, Peregrin

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