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Audio CD: Kias Fansuri (Dua Tahun Pertama)

dua tahun pertama CD
third arm records , cactus records , papakerma records & quiet.still.dead.records

This is Euro-style DIY hardcore band from Malaysia, at times reminiscent of the like of LA QUIETE & RAEIN, with the sort of lyrical vagueries & poeticism that befits the style.- Stephen Pierce - Give Me Back Zine issue 5


Malaysia isn't a place immidiately springs to mind when thinking about the international hotbeds of hardcore punk. In truth its not really a place that springs to mind when thinking about any genre of pop music. Kias Fansuri might be about to change all that, though. Explosive screamo loaded with fearsome guitars, Dua Tahun Pertama is an incendiary blast of scattergun punk that goes some way to prove that a band from a supposed rock backwater can be just as fresh and exciting as anyone from the States or Europe.From the acid-drenched blast of opener "Unhand The Crayonic Beast" to the sound barrier shattering rampage of closer "Forum Mati Pat Pat Siku Lipat". It's an extraordinary release indeed. With a number of self-released singles, demos, and contributions to compilation albums ( including the wonderfully titled Emo Apocalypse LP ), Kias Fansuri are emerging as one of Malaysia's most exciting rock'n'roll exports. Bold, vibrant, and utterly uncompromising, Dua Tahun Pertama - an anthology of compilation and tour CD-R tracks - is contemporary psych-core at its purest. An album of atmostpherics rather than songs, it's a frighteningly enjoyable blast of Far Eastern punk fire.
- Toby Rogers - Skyscraper Magazine issue 29


Until this moment, I never knew there was a screamo scene in Malaysia.After a bit of internet research, my ignorance has been completely exposed.Not only are there a fair amount of Malaysian screamo bands, a lot of it is quiet good.Take KIAS FANSURI, for example.Featuring ex-member of UTARID ( another band I was unfamiliar with until now), they play in a style that should make fans of SHIKARI , FUNERAL DINER or NEIL PERRY feel right at home. Most of the lyrics are in English, with obscure titles such as "Would You Like To Taste My Homemade Morgue?" and "Love Lost Butterscotch" , while one is in their native Malay.This CD collects their first two years of releases, including a demo tape, a comp track, a four-way split 10", a split 7" and, strangest of all, a split 3.5" floppy disk. Since you'd probably have a good deal of trouble tracking all of those down,just pick up this CD instead.- (XV) XYosefX - Maximum Rock & Roll issue 309

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Enjoy video live performance by kias fansuri - maaf dipinta seribu bahasa.

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