Wednesday, March 2

Ticket: MONOPHONE 2011

Good news! After the success of their debut in 2010, Merah Putih Club‘s MONOPHONE is back! Featuring NAIF and The Trees and The Wild. Now you can book the Monophone 2011 tickets at Badger Store Malaysia, Petaling Jaya. Or you can mention @monophone2011 in twitter to make a booking. Remember, pre sale ticket, RM 35, is only available until March 3, 2011. Normal ticket RM 45. So Hurry! You can ask anything about Monophone to
When & Where ? // March 11, 2011 // 17.00 – onwards // Hall of Fame Limkokwing University of Creative Technology They are music, dance performances, art exhibition and many more dangerous performers! Ready to see NAIF and THE TREES AND THE WILD?

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