Thursday, March 10

Badger Present: Akustika Bersama The Trees & The Wild Feat Joanna & Co

Our old friend from Frinjan, Habri drop by to send us some of Monophone2011 posters at the shop. Then he came up with the idea that we host a acoustic session with The Trees & The Wild. We gave it a taught and think it is best to revive the spirit of Mocca's secret show made at our shop last two years. So its gonna be the second session of band having a closed showcase here in Badger store. It was crazy to pull some show in 3 days but we manage to pull out some strings and call our friends for help. Lucky the guys from Studio Shop Space were able to support with the sound system. We move and call who would be suitable to be paired with TTATW. I taught of Joanna & Co. Had call Cardoq their manager and they were free that night, phewww what a relief! So we hope you will enjoy the show. Please RSVP to as its very limited space available for the show.

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