Friday, April 9

Anti-Beauty April 2010

Introducing Anti-Beauty latest lines
the season polkadots, stripes and pretty florals tops, dresses, jacket
are in store and online. New stuff is coming soon. Stay tune!

Anti-Beauty SPLASH 2 (520510189) RM95

Anti-Beauty RUTH COOPER (420314049) RM99

Anti-Beauty ACID 2 (520218176) RM85

Anti-Beauty PITTY CAT (620118372) RM49

Anti-Beauty PAYHSTAY (620114373) RM49

Anti-Beauty KLET (420305050) RM99

Anti-Beauty FLAVA (820301140) RM79

Anti-Beauty JUXX (520305173) RM85

Anti-Beauty DENYZ (420303051) RM129

Anti-Beauty POUR (820101136) RM75

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