Friday, October 8

Medicine for the soul

aes•thet•ics is not your regular publication.
Served in rich editorials and wicked visuals, this monthly Creative Culture Publication offers a novel exploration into thematic features, current issues, culture, cool companies and a different light of KL lifestyle.
And with a smorgasbord team of individual style,
trains of thought and vocabulary,
aes•thet•ics is an insane mix of imagination on print.

I.M Magazines
I.M. is a lifestyle magazine that celebrates Malaysian individuality and interests. And they love to feature the interesting, exciting and bold young Malaysians who are making their mark locally and overseas. They feel that Malaysians have got stories to be heard, and thus they created I.M. to be the platform for us all to hear about and be inspired by each other!
JUICE Magazines

JUICE forages on the scrap heap of news, trends and opinions to deliver surprisingly fragrant updates twice daily, except weekends.
‘Cause that’s when they party.

HOMESICK Omnibus Zine

A Malaysian Zine Omnibus Vol.1 Out Now!
by C/O Nizang

Badger Malaysia want to say Thank You to all of people above
for keep supporting us.
How beautiful a day can be, when kindness touches it!

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