Monday, December 20

Hanger by JUICE Issue#03 in Store

Meet JUICE’s good looking little sister, Hanger, bi-annual magazine on all things fashion! Hanger is out NOW! Just head to Badger Store Malaysia, Petaling Jaya or any major bookstore and newsstand to get your copy! Only RM10

On the A/W cover you’ll find the woman who had us teasing our hair to death defying heights and slathering on copious amounts of eyeliner is now decked out in Fred Perry for the cover of Hanger A/W 2010!

This issue is the stylist’s issue so we’ve featured Calvin Cheong, Chris Yong, Allien Gan, and Amber Lee Swan to name a few. We’ve also got coverage of the Perth Fashion Festival and an interview with Henry Holland amongst other things.

Before you update your wardrobe this season, update yourself with the latest copy of Hanger!

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