Sunday, September 18

Fisheye No.2 SHIAWASE - Happiness

The Fisheye 2 SHIAWASE symbolizes the spreading of happiness and produces shots in a 170-degree radius. Your subject is captured in a fun, compact circle in each 35mm print! Shoot multiple exposures on one frame and long nighttime exposures without flash. Ultra wide angle views on: Wild people & animals, bars, bath- & ballrooms, parties, private corners, cities, countries.....!

Product details

170 degree fish-eye lens

Film Type: 35mm

On-camera flash

Multiple-expose switch for easy double-exposed images

"Bulb" setting for long exposures

"Lock" setting so the shutter won't fire in your bag

Flex lens cap and strap

Package includes a poster, "Fisheye View" mini photo book, and instruction manual

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