Saturday, May 26

20% Lomo Diana F+

Your favourite lomography cameras have been turned into miniature keychains! This cute little keychain is an exact replica of the Diana F+ camera that we all know and love so much. Use it as a keychain or let them dangle from your mobile phone, camera of purse as a cool accessory. Each keychain comes in a small specilly designed tin can. Available on Badger Store Malaysia, Damansanra Uptown.

Price: RM19.90
Size Length (inch) 0.9"
Breadth (inch) 0.7"
Height (inch) 1.2"


Sweety said...

hai.. keychain ni ade jual secare pos x?

Badger - Anti-Beauty - B.A.D - Slice Footwear - VANS said...

Hye Sweety. Keychain ada di jual secara online. Hantarkan ppermintaan anda ke

Sweety said...

saya dah hantar email tu kat email bagi tu.. terima kasih..

Sweety said...

Ok terima kasih saya akan hantar permintaan dekat email

Sweety said...

Ok terima kasih..saya akan hantar permintaan saya dekat email