Saturday, January 12

VGA Fest 2013

VGA Fest 2013 is a gathering for visual arts scene to showcase the best of their works. 
Create, Share & Inspire. It’s a mission to create an avenue to bring together Visual Graphic Arts enthusiasts and promote its aesthetic value through exhibition, conference, screening and audiovisual show.

VGA Fest was created as platform to provide exposure for the new up and coming local artists in a casual setting of sharing fresh thoughts and observations through their creations. A combination of high profile artistes sharing and providing an inspiring journey for all participants culminating in a memorable experience for all. Showcasing creations extended beyond mere creative community and providing entertainment value to the general public.

VGA Fest has an objective in taking the Malaysian arts scene to the next level beyond conventional and typecast.Showcasing works beyond conventional presentation of videos and graphics.Profiling new artist with fresh ideas and creations in the area of visual arts, experimental video, projection mapping, new media, audio visual, digital illustration and many more.

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