Monday, June 28

Urbanscapes 2010

2010 - A third installment for our company and the second installment for Badger. This year we have learn a lot with our previous Urbanscapes. So this year we team up with Bass punks which they will provide all the music all day long with a lil party for all of our customers. thanks Farez & Rooks for the hardworking and the opportunity. It was a great concept. Me like it. Like always It was hot, super hot but lucky we wre not on the tarmac or the swampy area. Thank god. Moreover I love jet fuel kinda took our place and we were given even better tent. Lucky us! Overall, we had a blast! Thanks Urbanscapes for the hype events, thanks our partner for the party all day long and thanks to all the customer. You rawk our world!
Morning setup
Eye catching booth
Morning spin?

Early bid customer
The booth!
Dance to the beat all day long

Our loyal customer, Jonathan Putra & his families
Busy Busy Busy

Stickers everywhere yawww
Fixed Gear parking only
Night Vision

Still busy

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