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Anugerah Juara Lagu edition 25 warmth back again earlier this opening 2011.

1. Sempurna (Yuna/Yuna)

2. Berlari (Tomok/ Tomok dan Shazee Ishak/ Tomok)

3. Pelita (A.P.I/ Loque)

4. Kebahagiaan Dalam Perpisahan (Shahir/ Edry Abdul Halim)

5. Drama King (Meet Uncle Hussain dan Black/ Taja/ Tun Teja)

6. Noktah Cinta (Hafiz/ Ajai/ Sheikh Qalam)

7. Tolong Ingatkan Aku (Ana Raffali)

8. Selamat Malam (Faizal Tahir/ Audi Mok/ Faizal Tahir)

9. Ku Ada Kamu (Adira/ Edry Abdul Halim)

10. Extravaganza (Bunkface/ Sam Bunkface/ Bunkface)

11. Sofea Jane (Black/ Sham Kamikaze dan Iswandy/ Farril)

12. Hanyut (Faizal Tahir/ Audi Mok/ Faizal Tahir)

13. Jahat (Stacy/ Edry Abdul Halim)

14. Mencari Konklusi (Hujan/ Noh Hujan)

Jury panel: Acis, Azmeer, Andy Flop Poppy, Pacai, Habsah Hassah, and M. Nasir

Opening Presentation:

The selection of performances of songs that never won the Champions Song or Music.

Sekadar di Pinggiran by Francisca Peter. Oh, her voice is still as before, right? First prize won MUZIK MUZIK, 1986.

Pada Syurga Di Wajahmu - Nash Lefthanded.

Tanya sama itu Hud Hud - M. Nasir (Winner of 1994)

Ghazal For Rabiah - M. Nasir and Jamal Abdillah (winner in 1997)

Cinta Sempurna - Yuna (Yuna/Yuna) Set the stage is exciting and orange. Oh, Yuna also play the piano. There are no guitars on him like this before. Feels like Yuna sings the song Kelly Clarkson. Said Faizal Ismail, "Yuna is performing in terms of increasing her small piano, the grand piano. "

Berlari (Tomok/ Tomok dan Shazee Ishak/ Tomok) Luckily no hair Tomok hairstyle like Gu Jun Pyo again. If you are not really many hempas television I think.

Pelita (A.P.I/ Loque) A.P.I. - Angkatan Pemuda Indie, comprising members of Noh Hujan, Lan Typewritter, Din Homatov Estranged, One Buck Shot Imran, AJ Pop Shuvit and LoQue MonoloQue / Butterfingers. Performing an interesting course.

Oh, started by a little dialogue from the film Sergeant Hassan. Oh, Lan with the left hand pretending to break. And yes, there is a laser beam, and they fell one by one due to the laser beam.

Kebahagiaan Dalam Perpisahan (Shahir/ Edry Abdul Halim) Shahir also appeared in public after a lot of gossip columns in newspapers and websites speaking of course. Oh, offering no IRAS-IRAS Shahir Harry Potter stories, filled with green smoke. Oh yes, the emergence of Nasha Aziz with the internal monologue, and the song end with Shahir been slaped by Nasha Aziz.

Drama King (Meet Uncle Hussain and Black / Sponsor / Tun Teja) They stain their face. My Chemical Romance T-shirt style in the Black Parade. Sounds really good Black.

Noktah Cinta (Hafiz/ Ajai/ Sheikh Qalam) Performing the most humble to the extent. Just smoke that appeared (and every show there is smoke, a lot of pollution right, right? :p) And Hafiz just sing without any dancer and any supporting platform. Hafiz suddenly thrown on stage caused the explosion. Many people flocked to him, chaotic, dark and chaotic stage where he appeared from somewhere to wear white shirts as well. Well, it interesting.

Tolong Ingatkan Aku (Ana Raffali) There Zahiril Adzim, and is necessarily interesting. Zahiril acting as usual, even just to show Ana Raffali, very interesting indeed.

Selamat Malam (Faizal Tahir/ Audi Mok/ Faizal Tahir) Oh, there Nurkhiriah, there Fatimah Abu Bakar and his son - Aryana and Datuk Aziz Sattar and his wife. The symbolic presentation.

Extravaganza (Bunkface / Sam Bunkface / Bunkface) Sam kind of normal, full of energy. Presentation are interesting.

Sofea Jane (Black / Sham Kamikaze and Iswandy / Farril) There curtain filled with flowers. And other kinds of performances, there was white smoke.

Hanyut (Faizal Tahir/ Audi Mok/ Faizal Tahir) Faizal Tahir in a cage, at the top of water tank? Oh yes, he was jumping in the water tank. Good luck to pull away, if you do not have to be a history of people drowned there on stage. :p

Jahat (Stacy/ Edry Abdul Halim) 'm sure he will be reprimanded as a result form the use of light boxes that are very popular with the viewers Illuminati or Freemason.

Oh ya, Stacy's shirts on the stage are kind of the story of Street Fighter character Chun Li anyway. Oh, there was a fire in her presentation.

Mencari Konklusi (Hujan/ Noh Hujan) The last song in the AJL25.

This new style is due to Noh Salleh.

Presentation of distraction:

- Dato 'Sharifah Aini was also wear red.

- Ziana Zain appeared to be dressed in black sang Anggapanmu and Madah Berhelah.

Dato 'Siti Nurhaliza appear to track queen, Nirmala and Cindai. Beautiful "lid" Dato '.

List of Winners AJL

Best Performance (RM 10,000):
Faizal Tahir - Hanyut

Best Vocal (RM 10,000):

Noktah Cinta - Hafiz

Champion (RM 35,000):

Tolong Ingatkan Aku (Ana Raffali)

Second Place:

Drama King (Meet Uncle Hussain dan Black/ Taja/ Tun Teja)

Third Place:

Noktah Cinta (Hafiz/ Ajai/ Sheikh Qalam)

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