Sunday, January 2

SuriaFM Showdown, Best Campus Band 2011

The good news for those who are really interested in music! Suria FM is proud to announce the first reality programs to tap the latent talent among the group of band students. Reality program called SURIASHOWDOWN! 2011 Best Campus Band is a platform to highlight the talent through professional channels among the band students at public and private educational institutions. It's no longer fantasy because it is a reality.
A media conference session held on 28 December 2010 at The Blue Chip Lounge, Swiss Garden KL. Press conference was attended by all the sponsors and a special presentation of the Group Tonawarna addition to officially announce the contest to be held by Suria FM in January 2011.
Sheet Suria FM 2011 opened by holding a series of band music among students seeking higher education institution of public and private sectors. This series of auditions will start in the northern part of the Penang Megamall on January 29, 2011, the next day was on January 30, 2011 at the East Cost Mall, Kuantan and then continued in the south of the country at The Zon, Johor Bahru on 5 February 2011. Series of auditions and semi-final stage of this competition will end in the Klang Valley, namely the Plaza Metro Kajang, on 6 February 2011. Music brought open to all genres.The competition is open to all students in public higher education institutions and the private sector but competition is not competition between the band, or represent the university but only requires the participation of students / college students only. Very easy way to join people who are interested should come to the audition venues have been listed, then list the band together with student card as proof of the participants is truly a student and wait for their turn to be the first screening session. Then the 10 bands that have the highest score going into the second stage of screening on the same day in the evening.
From a total of 10 bands who entered this second screening, only two bands who will be selected to enter the finals to be held at Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam on 26 February 2011. This means that the eight-eight bands entered the final stage will be coming from each zone of the North, South, East and the Klang Valley. However, the name of two successful bands in each zone to the generic end will only be announced on the radio and website. So they need to hear Suria FM and visit Suria FM website at to determine whether they succeed or not. 3 experienced judges consisting of artists, 'Otai' long in the entertainment industry and representatives from Suria FM will be selected to judge the competition and the semi-final stage filter.
For those who successfully listed as 8th best band going into the final stage of the day, sound recordings and videos they will play in the radio and (interactive video site Suria FM). Conditions of entry, a list of winners, how to vote, video recording and everything related about 'Solar Showdown! Best Campus Band 2011! "Is available at Suria FM's website.
The band that won this competition will take home a cash of RM10, 000 while the second place of RM5, 000 and third place RM3, 000.

So what are you waiting, it's time to prove your ability as surely many who aspires to become the artist group but was not given a chance. Suria FM will announce that progress from day to day. What can be done is to make Suria FM as the radio of your choice. Suria FM Follow up (Suria FM) and Twitter (suriafmradio) for the latest developments.

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