Wednesday, July 6

Estranged releases "BORNEO"

Hye friends,

The boys of Estranged have just released their new video for their new single called "BORNEO".

Excerpts from Estranged's profile about BORNEO:

Upcoming single “Borneo” stays true to their new style – it was recorded at three studios and also, Hanafi’s room! A tribute to Rich’s homeland, the track incorporates a percussive melodic rhythm from a traditional Kadazan dance as the intro before escalating into a grungy, industrial head-banger. For the music video, the band worked once again with Singaporean director Karen Cai (she also directed the video to “Yang Pernah”).

Travelling all the way to Sabah for the shoot, the band spent three days shooting at locations like Kota Belud and areas near the Tip of Borneo like Kudat and Kundasang. Making the video proved to be an experience in itself as the band had to spend long hours travelling in vans across the state, while chasing time to ensure that there was enough light out for their outdoor shots. As expected, the video to “Borneo” will be one that lives up to the song’s name: vast and complex with gorgeous scenery.

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