Tuesday, July 26

Superheadz Ultra Wide & Slim

The Camera is a remake of the cult classic Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim camera. This out of production camera was known for its portability, low price, wide angle lens, and unique photo results. The camera is made at the same factory as the original and features the same wide angle 22m lens with the characteristic color saturation, vignetting and contrasty results (surprisingly vivid colors). These photos have character! And for RM100, the Black Slim Devil Camera is the perfect choice for your pocket camera needs; it's super-light, rugged, simple and features a rubber grip. Recommended. Visit Badger Malaysia.
Ultra wide angle lens, 22mm, Awesome vignetting effect (check out the pictures!) Lightweight and very simple to use, just load the film and start shooting! Uses 35mm film (normal film)

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petsuka said...

so cute! I have the golden one.

come by my site sometimes an look at what I shooted with it.
this for example: