Saturday, September 29

Give & Take: Malaysian Hardcore Punk Compilation 2012

Give and Take is a compilation project initiated by us because we (Nervhous Records) think local Malaysian bands deserve the attention and exposure. This project is mainly documenting the local punk rock bands plus some other music direction such as indie pop, hardcore, rap, post-rock, etc. Only RM20 by mail. or RM15 if you meet the sellers. 22 tracks and 24 pages full-colored booklet with photos, lyrics and bios. Available at Badger Malaysia

Try and have a listen!

This is the full tracks listing;

1) Toxictoy -nothing more
2) Thy Regiment -Nothing fear
3) the mindless show -into the depths of the bottomless shit
4) skunkfix -camprock for zionists
5) partimelovers -if i was
6) dum dum tak -aksi reaksi
7) carbon 4' teen -up
8) nuisance drilled -endless ending
9) t.i.m - i can sit on any seat! and it doesn't have to be yours!
10) brayok -muke taik
11) mikrobotmen -my circle
12) the needles -nobody rules anybody
13) always last -it's not okay, it's not alright
14) never found -ambil pati, buangkan ampas
15) perek kasi gerek -and so they judge us
16) soul savior -sifar rasisma
17) rotten ruckus -color blind
18) he libra -a lexicon word
19) swampy zombie fever -A's and A's
20) madefake -amanahkah mereka?
21) geng gemok keji -tiada tajuk
22) stick no bill -stick no bill

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