Sunday, November 25

CheeseDenim Now Available @BadgerMalaysia

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In Denim We Trust. CheeseDenim is a KL based denim company.

Local homegrown denim label CHEESE just dropped off their maiden batch of bottoms. Raw indigo denims that you’ll never wanna take off, even to wash, heck they look even better unwashed. 

Founded in 2010, Cheese sources 14 and 15oz. sanforized selvedge from Kaihara Mills in Japan, which is then cut and sewn in Kuala Lumpur into a variety of cuts with amusing names: the Stiffy (Slim-Straight), the Stretchy (Skinny with 2% elastane), the Double Cheese (Tapered), and their women’s makeup the Swaggy.

No slave to tradition, Cheese works in many tongue-in-cheek details, similar to Canadian brand Naked and Famous. Examples include glow-in-the-dark designs on the pocket bags, bright yellow linings on the back pockets, and a leather patch in the eponymous shape of a wedge of Swiss.

Cheese produces extremely limited runs, often less than 24 pieces per model, and is currently localized to the Malaysian market. So if you’re looking to get a pair you may have to wait to fork over your cheddar.

CheeseDenim now available at Badger Store Malaysia. 
Image courtesy of fb/cheesedenim

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