Saturday, November 24

Purring HOLGA

Born in Hong Kong sometime in the '80s, the Holga is a chunky medium format camera iconic for its vignetted square prints.

a. Green camouflage Lomo Holga for outdoor pursuits – RM160 (Sold-out)
b. Classic black Lomo Holga – RM160
Includes: English User Guide, 1 unit of 6x6 film mount, 1 unit of 6x4.5 film mount, Holga Lens Cap, and Strap.

The analogue camera revolution continues here at Badger Malaysia. But wait, there’s a new camera that before I merely thought of twee but have since seen it’s the epitomy of kitsch genius that western culture could never create. Yes people, we have a Holga that purrs and lights up in order to catch the attention of that prize subject whose otherwise occupied. Click the video to view.

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